Love & Anger

Kuwait- This is a space for writers and yes, it is also a space for all forms of art. A writer, an artist, musician, poet, photographer, and whatever label that is left to use when talking about art, all carry a moral responsibility when Palestine is connected to their identity. If they are Palestinian, there is a call that they must heed.

Resistance is the call for fighting and prevailing over oppression; art and literature that is produced with the purpose of ‘waking up’ the masses is resistance; evoking emotions through spoken word and poetry is resistance; painting vivid pieces that relate to the Palestinian cause and snapping photos of the Palestinian reality is resistance.

The sole purpose of the writer is to connect with the reader. There are journalists, novelists and poets, all Palestinian and writing not for fame but for a free Palestine. So write and educate; write and take your readers through the life of a Palestinian. Portray and paint the tragedy of oppression and the smiles of resistance; speak resistance, breathe freedom and survive.

A lot in life is already decided long before you. I didn’t choose to be Palestinian, as cliché as it sounds, but I couldn’t be happier about it because it offered me more than I could ever ask for. There isn’t a more beautiful challenge than fighting to attain freedom over a land that I have never seen, a land that I am connected to through a pure eccentric love, a spiritual connection intertwined with history and culture; this is neither a sense of nationalism nor a political stance or ideology. It is love, a most basic human emotion.

Herein lies a simple reality that from my love stems my anger, anger at every collaborationist’s regime, rage at every traitor, hatred towards every liar and enforcer of oppression. My resistance through scripted word is not to entail my love, but to provoke you to feel my anger and rise up, to entice you to burn bridges with those who betrayed Palestine.

Palestine doesn’t just need love and support; it also needs anger and action. It needs us to mobilize and scream as loud as possible, and it needs us to spit in the faces of our oppressors. We need to move from being in a defensive position to an offensive one. We shouldn’t seek help from others before we begin to help ourselves.

Too many among us sadly believe that Palestine is a lost cause, that Israel is superior and greater in every aspect. Israel’s superiority is an illusion and a mental prison that their propaganda has created to jail Palestinian minds; to stop you from considering action of any sort. What are words or a third intifada going to do to Israel? They show the world that we will not remain silent and that this bubble of apathy that surrounds some of us will soon burst.

We have nothing to be afraid of. We have lost large portions of our land. We have lost souls and bodies of our people, time and time again, but we have not lost courage or resilience. We have maintained the beating heart of Palestine alive through shocks of resistance. When we become silent and when we give up hope, it is not us giving up on Palestine, it is Palestine giving up on us.

Palestine doesn’t need you; you need Palestine.

If you write, then write to free Palestine. If you paint, then paint to free Palestine. If you speak, then speak to free Palestine. Make everything you do a call to steadfastness.

Yasir Tineh


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  2. […] Thanks to everyone that read shared my latest @BCompromise piece-If you haven’t read it check it out [Love Anger] […]

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