NSJP Fundraising Campaign: How $10 can make all the difference.

For years now, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has been working tirelessly to spread awareness to bring justice to Palestine. Building such a movement is not easy, and certainly does not happen over night. Since SJP was first established at the University of California, Berkeley in 2001, it has had its fair share of hardship but has grown exponentially across the nation and internationally, and has experienced immense success.

Last October, SJP held its first annual national conference where representatives from over 130 SJPs across the country met, strategized, and built a national framework for SJP. The conference was a huge success in bolstering national cohesiveness of the student organization as well as enabling the mass mobilization of the dedicated students who attended.

SJP’s second annual conference will be this November 2nd to the 4th at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Students from across the country are working tirelessly around the clock on a volunteer basis to ensure the conference is a success. But they need your help.

SJP raises its own funds for the conference. In order for the conference to run smoothly and provide travel assistance and accommodations for attendees, the conference needs to raise $25,000. So far, SJPs have raised almost $7000.

We at Beyond Compromise want to encourage all of our readers to simply make a $10 donation to the SJP conference. Movements aren’t built on a whim, and change doesn’t stem from sensationalism.  Rather, both come about from an accumulation of small actions that, collectively, make a big difference. Don’t be deceived into thinking that donating $10 is insignificant. If every person who reads this donates $10, it may very well be the difference between the successful launch of the largest pro-justice student-led movement for Palestine in history or its detriment.

Take 2 minutes right now to click on this link and donate $10 to NSJP. The movement is growing and it will succeed. We can either stand by and watch it happen, or we can play an active role in speeding up the process. There will come a day when oppression in Palestine is limited to the confines of museums and history books and when that time comes you’ll be proud to know that you helped bring that change.

Once you make your $10 donation make sure to tell your family and friends and encourage them to do the same. Every penny helps and through our collective effort I am positive that the 2nd SJP conference will be a tremendous success.


Adam Akkad


  1. How Can I dunate from out side the USA?

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    Stop funding to the real terror going on in the Middle East. Stop putting Israel on a pedestal. The mass genocide, yes, GENOCIDE of Palestinians is REAL. By Israel and it’s partners. Save the innocent lives, and take away occupation.

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