Eyes From Palestine

Kuwait- I once overheard a woman complaining about how lost she suddenly felt. She complained that she does not know where to find the answers and that ‘home’ suddenly felt like a foreign concept. She said this to a man, twenty years her elder. Simply, he nonchalantly replied that she should ‘start at the beginning’ to which she doubtlessly wondered: ‘where’s that?’ He then explained that it would be where she originated, her home, her comfort, where she grew and prospered before taking such a downturn in life. And so I wonder, where is my home? What’s my beginning?

I am a seventeen year old Palestinian girl living in Kuwait, a country that once felt like home, it is where I myself grew to become who I am today. However, once I hit the age of fifteen I began to ask myself some probing questions. I wondered if my eyes were the shade of a Palestinian’s eyes, that there would be an inexplicable link the hazel tint has to that of the Palestinian lands. I wondered if the grains of sand of my land were as clear and white as my pale skin. This curiosity lingered and today it has peaked. Today what I spent seventeen years avoiding hearing about or watching came to my attention, probing me, startling me in the process. I suppose I would be left in awe at the mindless killings of my people, instead I feel utterly disgusted, I feel shameful towards myself and towards those who cease to take a stance at the situation, and even as I write this I  regret that writing does very little to help the situation. I suppose ignorance is fed through the media or through the values one learns growing up. But my own ignorance stops today.

And, although many would claim that Palestine is no longer a country, that its sudden disappearance of the map of the world in the dark era of the Israeli invasion would declare it gone, I would say otherwise. It is in our hearts and our dialects. It is in our hopeful prance and our customs and traditions. You see it in your next door neighbor; you witness our strength and the unrelenting hope current in our eyes. You can burn us, scold us, attempt to break our spirits, undoubtedly however, you will be unsuccessful. To be Palestinian is to have a hope that is unwavering, only strengthened and strengthened.

Sally Sweidan

Is a Palestinian currently residing in Kuwait. She is pursuing a bachelors of English literature. Young and hopeful that liberation is a blink away. Sally tweets here.


  1. Mohammed A. says:

    Congrats on your first article ! Amazing effort !

  2. impressive..i love it 🙂

  3. ali al farwi says:

    sally this piece is magnificent and I am now influenced to write
    a piece too. 🙂

  4. اموت و اعرف ليش كل الحكي بالانجليزي
    حاسس انّ نص العرب صاروا امريكان

  5. اموت و اعرف ليش كل الحكي بالانجليزي
    حاسس انّ نص العرب صاروا امريكان

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