Why I Oppose Political Institutions In Palestine

Palestinians need to demand the dismantlement of all political institutions and factions in Palestine. There is not one political institution that is able of granting Palestinians fair and full representation or granting them their full human rights. Political institutions under a colonialist apartheid system are futile. The Palestinian struggle for liberation has been weakened by the presence of  a political institutions that have hindered and damaged resistance. Palestinians need unity that will only come when divisional political factions are abolished. The infusion of political institutions in Palestine has lead to an occupation within an occupation.

I oppose all forms of governments. I recognize that Palestine is a unique case, but I specifically oppose the infusion of political institutions into the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Any form of government established while occupation is present is redundant. To believe that one’s freedom can be granted through a process of voting and political negotiations is naive at best.

Removing political institutions from Palestine is not easy. Palestinians have adapted to the presence of political factions and their loyalty to the Palestine is shared with political factions. For some, allegiance to Palestine is no longer a priority.

Adherence to political factions is often accompanied with an aggressive attitude. This is because political factions romanticize their past in resisting Israel. Herein lies the problem, Palestinians have idolized these factions based on their past. The idolization of political factions and associated members is so severe that criticism is considered treason.

Can there be a functional government whilst under occupation?

I think everyone can answer that question for themselves. People that are occupied and oppressed do not need government, they need community. The presence of governments and political factions has only served the occupier by dividing the Palestinian people.

The Israeli government is continuing its expansion through the building of settlements. The UN, America and various European countries have called on Israel to seize its settlement activities, yet it persists. The only form of protest to Israeli policies has to be resistance, whether armed or non-armed.

Political institutions in Palestine have been futile. Palestinian politicians are unable of freeing Palestinian political prisoners, stopping settlement activity, protecting the Palestinian people or ending the occupation. The current Palestinian government has no authority, they only protest in statements. They have been exposed numerous times for aiding the Israeli government in oppressing Palestinians.

Today what many consider as the biggest problem facing Palestinians is the current division between Palestinian factions. The calls to end the division are not aimed at establishing a united community, but they are aimed at establishing a unity government. A unity government is not going to solve any of the issues facing Palestinians. The current Palestinian Authority are negotiating for a bantustan state or they are making conditions for the return to negotiations. The Israeli apartheid colonialist policies are unaffected and vigorously expanding. The real problem facing Palestinians is constant and ever-present, however the so-political factions have distracted Palestinians from the real problem. The real problem is Israel.

Palestinians need to reclaim their rights to self-determination. Resistance is the only road to liberation.


  1. Hani Saleem says:

    I agree with you. The problem is increasing even inside universities that should be the place for the birth of new ideas and strategies. Students elect political parties instead of projects, ideas and students who are willing and able to achieve their goals.

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