Countless Bodies

Stars choose to shine over countries that have lost,
Rather than the ones that have not tasted brutal war
You cannot count the bodies in Gaza,
Like you can count the stars in America
Millions are above Al Aqsa,
Grieving over what lies beneath the ruins
Why did you look for my tears on September?
For I have been shedding them,
long before you witnessed the towers fall
What you lost that year, we lose every day
These countless bodies didn’t ask for this
Muslim or not does it really matter?
I will not forget that dreadful eleven
But will you remember the midnight shotguns,
that took my brothers life?
Dare to reflect your country against mine
No doubt, I will win this game.

Halima Eid 

 Halima  is a Palestinian living in California. She writes poetry on others experiences and her own of  Palestine. Her writing is aimed at raising awareness on Israeli oppression. Halima has been asked to read her work to two political events this year from her first Poetry series book “Reckoned Days”.

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