Enemy’s Innocence

We were younger than the New Year
Whispered the walls of the mental institution.
Hello old solider said Ahmed Masharawi ,
before running through the rocking chair with Omar’s toy
Exhausting behind him.
Days dragged on just like the women were.
Thoughts crippled his mind the way he crippled the young men who threw rocks.
Lubna Hanash starts to bang her fists against his door, screaming.
She wants to finish that walk to al-Arroub College,
but the hole in her head trapped her to the other side.
The nurse serves him a cup of Palestinian blood, and he drank it like it was his cure.
The veins in the wrist that held a gun for ten years start to burst open,
and mud spills out.
The television turns on:
Amer Nassar, 17.Dead.
Naji Belbisi, 18. Dead.
He smiles as those two young men walk out of the moving picture and stand before him.
They are more silent than their mother’s tears as they watch
Abu Hamdiya’s grave move below his foot.
The Gun shots go off following the sobs of thousands of prisoners.
The solider has now lost his hearing and his voice has gone astray
between the cold bodies in his closet.
Satan sits next to him, and applauds. 

Halima Eid 

 Halima  is a Palestinian living in California. She writes poetry on others experiences and her own of  Palestine. Her writing is aimed at raising awareness on Israeli oppression. Halima has been asked to read her work to two political events this year from her first Poetry series book “Reckoned Days”. Halima tweets here.

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