Jerusalem – القدس

La fleur des cités…

I remember growing up listening to this song. Taking me on a voyage to a place that was familiar yet far. A place where I only experienced it through photographs and stories of the past from family members who have now past. Experiencing Jerusalem in 2011 and again in 2013 was more than I could ever imagine. To me, it was a long distant dream that finally came true.

So when I listen to the song, for possibly the millionth time, it resonates. Its words capture my experience, and the experience of many before me, and many in the future. The words that stood out the most for me were:

عيوننا إليك ترحل كل يوم 

تدور في أروقة المعابد 

تعانق الكنائس القديمة 

و تمسح الحزن عن المساجد

So through my eyes, that continue to set out to Jerusalem, and walk the porticos of the Old City, and embrace the old churches, and wipe away the tears as an attempt to take away the sadness from the mosques, I present to you my experiences of la fleur des cités

All photographs belong to Nour Salman. These photographs were taken in 2011 and 2013.

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