Amnesty International Report Underlines Who Destroyed Yarmouk

“The Syrian government has committed numerous war crimes as part of the siege of Yarmouk. Hundreds of civilian residents of Yarmouk have been killed, wounded or have perished as a result of deliberate starvation and destruction of their means of support, direct attacks on civilians and indiscriminate attacks. Other residents have been subjected to enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention and torture as part of a systematic, as well as widespread attack on the civilian population in what amount to crimes against humanity.” –Amnesty International Report

Amnesty International has released a report on the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk. The forty-page report highlights the torture of the Yarmouk camp. It also reaffirms the regime’s leading role in the collapse of the camp.

According to Amnesty International, at least 194 individuals, all civilians, have died since the siege was completely imposed in July 2013.


-54 of the deceased are females

-139 of the deceased are male

-16 of the deceased were between 60 to 85 years of age

-25 of the deceased were described as being “elderly”

-12 of the deceased were infants less than a year old

– 6 of the deceased were children.


-128 of the deceased lost their lives due to starvation from the siege

– 58 of the deceased lost their lives due to the lack of medicine and medical care available in Yarmouk

– 10 of the deceased lost their lives after being shot by regime snipers (at least two of which while trying to find food in local fields)

-2 of the deceased lost their lives after being shot by regime snipers during protests

Twice Displaced

– Two thirds of the Palestinian refugees in Syria have been rendered refugees for a second time

– Around 270,000 Palestinians are internally displaced

-Over 50,000 are in Lebanon

-Around 11,000 are in Jordan

– Around 6,000 are in Egypt

– Around 1,000 are in Libya

– Around 1,000 are in Gaza

– Others have fled to Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere

Testimonies and Quotes from Report:

-“The PRCR-S volunteer said that government forces appeared to be pursuing tactics designed to cause casualties among medical staff and volunteers: “When a rocket hits a building, the government forces know that the medical staff will run out to save the injured. They wait a few minutes then fire a second and third time knowing the medical staff are likely to be there.”

– “For months residents survived scouring the area for anything that might be edible, including cactus leaves, dandelion leaves and other plants. Hunger has driven many to expose themselves to government snipers while searching for food. For example, a hospital nurse described the case of a boy aged 16 or 17 whose body was brought in after he had been shot dead while collecting leaves to eat. Addressing the lifeless boy, his grieving father said: ‘You died for the sake of bringing hibiscus leaves for your brothers and sister’ ”

-“In desperation, some have killed and eaten cats and dogs, a practice reportedly permitted through a fatwa issued by local sheikhs, in some cases suffering food poisoning as a result.18 According to one resident, some people have resorted to drinking dog milk.19 Another resident told Amnesty International that many eat from rubbish bins, and this is also purportedly shown on YouTube video clips. A common “meal” is said to be water mixed with spices.”

-“A voluntary medical worker at Palestine Hospital said that people were generally shot and injured daily there, and sometimes killed.20 Despite hopes and expectations around 12 February 2014 that a large food delivery was to arrive at Yarmouk, on that day it was reported that Talal Awad was shot dead by a sniper while foraging for food at the edge of Yarmouk camp.”

-“Some of the violations by Syrian forces that are documented in this report constitute crimes against humanity, including extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances and torture.”

Those That Have Been Taken:

No longer can anyone pretend that they do not know what is happening in Yarmouk. No longer can it be implied that the culprit isn’t immediately apparent.

Below is a partial list of the names of those that have been taken. Remember these names. Memorize, recite, and mourn for them.

Afterwards, my Palestinian brothers and sisters, let us finally get angry.



Samir Mahmoud Nassar

Jana Ahmed Hassan

Malak Jum’a

Aziza Mohammed Na’imi

Mahmoud Ahmed Aladdin

Aya al-Sahli

Amin Tamim

Ahmed Abdullah Uqla

Abd al-Hay Youssef

Mohammed Salem Qassem

Omar Bassam al-Ahmed
Mahmoud Hanafi

Abdullah al-Haj Saleh Taha

Omar Omar Hussein
Ahmed Zaidan

Jihan al-Qaim

Hassan Awad

Ibrahim To’ma

Mohammed Abdullah al-Masri

Ali Qassem Tiraqiyeh

Taher Teklo
Ali Ahmed Qassem

Samira Ahmed al-Tayish

Mohammed Issa

Ahmed Tamim

Salim Za’ir

Imad Ahmed Mou’ad

Fayez Draid

Ahmed Abu Sharifa

Mahmoud Mohammed al-Ayadi

Zakia Hamada

Abdullah al-Shamlouni
Amna Abd al-Rahim Tamim

Yasser al-Malah

Maher Hussein Hamad

Ahmed Ouda

Hana Faisal al-Awad

Mahmoud Shehadah al-Rifa’i

Mohammed Ibrahim

Sa’id Ahmed Qassem

Fatima al-Zahra Qaddu

Karam Mohammed Nahar

Malek Al-Hanoun

Sham Malek al-Hariri

Mu’tassem Abd al-Ghani

Kawthar Abd al-Qadir

Youssef al-Khatib
As’ad Ali Sa’id
Amer al-Ghotani
Khaled al-Haj

Mohammed Mahmoud Sa’ad

Ali Mahmoud Sa’ad

Rizq Sa’ad Eddin Sharshara

Mansour Nayef

Hani Saleh Fatyan

Mohammed Kheir Abdullah al-Sa’ad

Samer al-Ghothani

Subhi al-Amri

Wafaa Ahmed al-Hassani

Qassem Mohammed al-Maghrabi

Jamal Hamad

Ahmed Rashid Hamid

Fayez Sa’diya

Zuheir Sinan

Ahmed Adwan

Houweida Ahmed al-Hamawi

Lund Khalid Ghazal

Rabiha Sa’ud al-Madhi

Masara Tawfiq Qunberji

Hana Faisal al-Awad

Bashar Ajan

Adnan Ahmed al-Nazer

Ibrahim Khalil

Mohammed Ahmed Abu Nasser

Qassem Mohammed Kheirat

Alaa Khalil

Ibtisam Ali Batto

Khair Allah Hassan Mansour

Amal Qassem Okal

Ahmed Mohammed Khalil

Majid Mahmoud Suweid

Majdolin Mohammed Rashdan

Hassan Ibrahim Quseini

Sahar Tawfiq Ameis

Mohammed Ahmed Abd al- Ghani

Aref Abdullah

Alaa al-Masri

Maryam Mohammed

Awad Mahmoud al-Sa’idi

Amal Hussein Shikhu

Akram Suleiman al-Alal

Sa’ida Qaisi Raja

Israa al-Masri

Jihad al-Qirbi

Bashir Mohammed Shehadeh

Jamil al-Qirbi

Basel Hassan al-Shihabi

Mahmoud Mohammed al-Sabbagh

Haja Nour

Hussein Nada Nazal

Haja Safiyeh Diyab al-Shibli

Maryam Abd al-Rahim

Taysir al-Taba’a

Reem Abd al-Aziz

Mohammed Jum’a

Ahmed Abd al-Hamid Mohammed

Mohammed Omar al-Shihabi

Isma’il Abdullah

Yassin Anis Abu Madi

Najah Mohammed al-Buqa’i

Mohammed Refa’at al-Faar

Omar Suhaib al-Qudsi

Mahmoud Hamid al-Tafouri

Hussam Abu Ahmed

Alaa Furaij

Mahmoud Abdallah Taha

Subhi al-Sudai

Sa’id al-Fawaz

Khaled Mustafa Karim

Zahra Youssef al-Zain

Abd al-Aziz al-Khadraa

Sa’id al-Bash

Mustafa Bahtiti

Haniyeh Abu al-Ruz

Moussa Mar’ei

Omar Shafiq Abu Siyyam

Wael Abd al-Razaq al-Sa’ran

Mahmoud Hamid Abdullah

Sa’id Salim Idris

Mohammed Hussein Amayri

Nejma Jum’a Quwaidar

Raifa Mohammed Qar’aish

Abd al-Jalil Mohammed Khamis

Rahma Abd Alyan

“Abu Marwan”

Salha Mahmoud Anisi

Mohammed Diyab Mohammed

Mohammed Ibrahim al-Bitar

Ahmed Aboud al-Moussa

Mohammed Sa’id Ibrahim Jarbu’a

Sa’ida Hassan Khattab

Samir Hassan Taha

Mohammed al-Hadi Hussein al-Aydi

Hassan Mahmoud

Fadi Mohammed Shehadah

Rahaf Jabli

Alaa Jum’a Farhan

Laila Khaled Da’dou

Issam Mahmoud Qadoura

Abd Mahfouz al-Naji

Ezzat al-Taba’a

Razan Khaled Awad

Nahar Mohammed Shetew

Wassim Zaghmout

Rawan Riyad Taleb

Hamda Sa’id Shetew

Amouna Eissa Sa’oud

Ahmed Ata al-Saleh

Hamza al-Taba’

Omar Abu Heit

Mahmoud al-Sa’di

Darar Omar Ghubar

Ahmed Moussa

Mohammed Ahmed Qassem

Hussein Sayel Fares

Fatima Ali Abwaini

Jenny Khaled Hasram

Bassem Khaled Abdullah

Islam Ahmed Shahin

Harbiya Ali Halawaniya

Mohammed Ahmed Samed

Zuhair Omar al-Wazir

Ibrahim Mohammed Dabdoub

Khalil Qassem Amairy

Jum’a Munir Khaled

Ahmed Jum’a Khan

Muayad Mohammed Darwish

“Abu al-Kheir”

Talal Awad

Mohammed Fouad Mohammed

Mohammed Mahmoud Bani al-Merja

Sou’ad Hassan Falyoun

Hamad Saleh al-Abtah

Raghd Mohammed al-Masr

Mohammed Hussein Zaghmout

Ahmed Mansour Mansour al-Masri

Mahmoud Hussein

Ahmed Isma’il al-Ruweiya

Omar Fadloun

Mahmoud Hussein

Talal Alyan

Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here.


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