To North Africa – “More ink, more words, more art scenes in the Arab world.”

MC Yazen is an Abu Dhabi-based Syrian rapper and producer who started his career in 2005. His work mainly involves live performances and Music videos. He has performed in different countries such as Lebanon and Turkey sharing the stage with other renowned Arab rappers such as Omar Offendum and the Narcycist, as well as Missy Elliot and others. His work mainly tackles social and political issues of the region, focusing on the Arab spring.

Farah Chamma is a Palestinian poet born in 1994 currently studying philosophy and politics at the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She began writing poetry at the age of 14 and performing at the age of 16. Farah writes poetry in English, Arabic, and French using a variety of lyrical and linguistic styles. She is currently studying the Portuguese language and plans to start working on multilingual poetry. Her Arabic poem “How Must I Believe?” shot by the FLEX received more than 200,000 views on YouTube and helped revive her online presence.

Spreading spoken word in unexpected places around the world, that is our main purpose. Being part of the spoken word scene in the United Arab Emirates, MC Yazen and I are now trying to explore new scenes and collaborate with new artists. What we are mainly trying to promote is Arabic spoken word, be it through poetry or rap, given that the Arabic scene is still not as prominent as the English or French scenes.

Morocco will be our first destination. We will be organizing poetry events and workshops in different cities including Casablanca, Fez, and Rabat, and collaborating with different artists including Mohammed Hamza Hachlaf.

What We Need & What You Get

For this one week trip, we will need 5,000$. This amount will mainly cover our accommodation and travel expenses. The tickets will cost around 2,500$ and the accommodation around 1,500$ for the 7 nights. The remaining 1,000$ will cover the rest of our basic needs: transportation and food.

We will be taking care of all promotional material: posters, fliers, videos, and photos. By the end of our trip, we are hoping to put together a small film documenting our journey and accomplishments.

Morocco has been the greatest supporter of our internet content. Our video “The Nationality” was able to get more than 300K views, mainly thanks to Moroccan social media and viewers. We have chosen to go to Morocco, knowing that many young artists will be willing to collaborate with us.


Farah Chamma and MC Yazen have been invited to perform in the following venues: 

29th of March:
EGE – Rabat (Rencontre Ouverte) 18h30

30th of March:
Boultek- Casablanca (Spectacle) 18h

2nd of April:
B-Rock – Casablanca (Spectacle) 21h

3rd of April:
ENSA – Fes (Rencontre ouverte) 16h

For more information contact “Hamza L’bs” : 

The Impact

“More ink, more words, more art scenes in the Arab world.”

This project is a step forward towards more collaborative Arabic spoken word events. It will help create links between poets and artists in different countries, starting in Morocco. We want this to be the first of many future trips, and most importantly, we want it to encourage Arab artists to start reaching out and collaborating with artists around the globe.

Other Ways You Can Help

Raising money is not our goal; it is only the means for us to be able to share our work. If you find that you are unable to donate to this campaign, spread the word!

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