12 Killed by Shelling in Yarmouk Over Weekend

Co-authored by Nidal Bitari
Photographs by Niraz Saied

DSC_5353 copy

When Yarmouk began to unravel, there was an exodus to another camp called Khan al-Sheeh in rural Damascus. Many remained there until the regime  began to drop barrel bombs over the refugee camp. The displaced were forced to wander once more. They moved to other areas, like the Qudsiya suburb, were rent was way too high for them to afford. As a consequence, many began to deplete their lifesavings in a bid to avoid homelessness. On Saturday, a crowd of Palestinians, who had exhausted their last savings and were now living on the street, encircled a town square. An elderly woman, who had been born in Palestine, demanded from within the crowd, ““send me back to my camp, I don’t want bread, food or any other thing, I just want to die in dignity”.

I only hope someone had managed to tell her that dignity was a luxury no longer afforded to Yarmouk. Or, for that matter, most of Syria.

Friday. Friday. 197 parcels delivered into the Yarmouk camp. 197 parcels to the over 18,000 starving Palestinians trapped inside the camp. The camp is shelled during the distribution. 2 Palestinians die from shelling while trying to avoid the other death from hunger that lingers over the camp.

DSC_5351 copy

Saturday. While approaching the checkpoint for aid distribution, the women of Yarmouk are suddenly told by the PFLP-GC to abandon the men and return to their homes. They are told to let the males amongst them receive the aid distribution alone. The women leave and the PFLP-GC begins to brutally attack the men without provocation. A segment of the PFLP-GC sneaks off during these attacks and attempts to reclaim a building at the beginning of Yarmouk Street. The regime flag is raised sparking a clash with the FSA-alligned Aknaf Beit al Maqdes. A PFLP-GC fighter, Imad Dwah, is killed during the fighting.

Shelling, in retaliation for the death of the PFLP-GC fighter, resumes.  2 more are killed. 7 are injured.

4 Palestinians are already dead and the weekend hasn’t even concluded yet.

new yarm 1

Today. Sunday. Aid trickles into Yarmouk. While the people wait, the shelling, once again, resumes. 8 are killed. Mahmoud Shadeh. Hesham Makshati. Hasan al Sersawy. Najah al Ka’aoud. Mahmoud Modardes. Mosa al A’asod. These names are among  those murdered today. Another 30 are injured. The non-existent medical facilities and resources ensure that many of those injured will soon join the list of those slaughtered.

There is a cruelty to this siege that cannot be emphasized enough. The residents of Yarmouk are permitted a single choice: find death in the throes of starvation or await it to descend from above.

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