Forgive Me

forgive me

Would you forgive me, Palestine?

Would you forgive me?

If I was to drink your earth while you starved

In prisons built to conceal

Your blood splattered on the walls of the

Empty promises of international law?


I’m sorry, Palestine,

That these citadels of hypocrisy are designed

To erase you from human history

By bullets and bureaucracy.


Would you forgive me, Palestine?

Would you forgive me?

If I was to inject your milk and honey

Into the rotting chambers of my dying lungs

So I could breathe in God’s love

While your Christ is brutalized again and again

Through gun barrels at checkpoints

Manned by neo-Romans

Seeking empowerment through

Your humiliation

On the altars of the new Judean temples?


I’m sorry, Palestine,

That they have come to resemble the Europeans

Who slaughtered their ancestors

Because this is all they can remember

About themselves.


I’m sorry, Palestine,

That they’ve grown tired of

Sacrificing lambs

And have decided to cleanse themselves

In your blood instead

From now on.


Forgive me, Palestine,

For they say I am choking on Jewish guilt

But I think it’s

My own vomit that’s burning my esophagus

Like the white phosphorous

That melted the skin of your babies

In the name of Jewish self- determination

And election results.


I’m sorry, Palestine,

That there are bulldozers

Crushing the bones of your prophets,

Lawfare breaking the spines of your holy books,

Poisoning your olive oil,

Butchering your trees,

Amputating your dove wings

And raping your sea…


When my time comes, Palestine,

And my time will come…

If you don’t want to help me, Palestine,

I’ll understand.

I’ll forgive you.

I’ll march towards the ocean

And never bother you again.


-Nicole Gevirtz is an anti-Zionist American Jew whose liberation has become tied up with someone else’s. She is not a poet or a writer, but it happens sometimes.

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