Tactics of Rage


I wrote of effective tactics.

Then a couple of days later, 529 people were sentenced to death because of their political allegiances. Then a couple of days after that, Defence Minister Abdel Fattah el Sisi resigned from the army and declared his intention to run for presidency in the upcoming elections.

In the wake of this inexcusable reality, I am replacing effective with any.

State-sponsored violence, insidious and bold, with its laws and declarations and political jargon and empty promises answers to no one. Why should we?

Who is anyone to dictate how a people’s rage is expressed?

Make no mistake. We have not forgotten the decades of impunity enjoyed and abused by Mubarak and his cronies. That impunity chased my own father out of the country. He could not live with the rigidity of injustice. And over 30 years later, nothing has changed. Sisi replaces Morsi and Mubarak, but our stomachs will continue to rumble. Our bodies will continue to be subject to the fanciful whims and wandering hands of street predators. The worst are the ones you have to return home to. That darkness….

we know it well
an ungovernable crease on our
forehead politics,
as hollow as the erection monument,
fled to square bag-eyed delusions
and then to despairing

on hoda el-sharawy’s shoulder,
i lost faith in magic
and lamp-posts
what purpose can they serve
when roads have gone astray
who to trust
who to fight
who to deconstruct
who but the darkness do we

Perhaps they hope we inherited the disillusionment of our parents and their parents’ before them. Or that illegal detainment and violent massacre will torture the dissent out of our revolution. But what the State’s reactionary fearless repression says more than anything is they are scared.

Terrified we will take the invisible structural violence inflicted on us on a daily basis as a model for our own revenge. Although nothing can ever match the destruction wrought on our communities, our families, our personal freedoms, choices and opportunities. Nor will it bring home our martyrs and mend the broken hearts of mothers across the country. It won’t ever be able to replace the birthdays and Eids fathers in prison have missed out. Or undo the identity crisis brought about from disapora exile. This more than anything terrifies them.

The rooster has come home to roost. Resistance comes in all shapes and forms. A combination, a concentration, a contradiction. It is not the responsibility of the oppressed to justify themselves Resistance because. Just because, who is anyone to dictate how a people’s rage is expressed?

Hala Nasr is an Egyptian Poet. She tweets here

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