Two Deaths and Two Protests in Yarmouk

Ahmed Taha

This is Ahmad Taha. A young Palestinian student arrested and, it was discovered earlier today, murdered by the Assad regime and PFLP-GC thugs. He was arrested at a time when the militants had left Yarmouk and remaining weapons in the camp had been surrendered. This is the nature of truce with Assad.

Meanwhile, the siege continues with aid being distributed intermittently and in insufficient quantities. Ayman al Kordy, born 1963, passed away as a result of starvation earlier in the week too.

In other news, two separate protests were held in Yarmouk over the past week. The residents of the camp came out demanding that the two remaining militant groups within Yarmouk, Jabhat al Nusra and Aknaf Bait al Makdes, leave immediately. The protest was met with gun fire from Nusra fighters leading to the scattering of protesters. Three protesters were subsequently arrested and then released hours later by Jabhat al Nusra members.

Bizarrely, Nusra fighters themselves held a demonstration a few days later in protest to the calls for their evacuation.

“It’s true the siege didn’t change when the fighters left the first time,” Niraz Saied, a Palestinian photographer still in the camp, explains, “but people have no other way to try to change things on the ground. As long as militants are here, regime and PFLP-GC will be able to lie about why there is a siege. But we know that even when they leave, the siege will continue as it did during the last truce.”


-Talal Alyan is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. You can follow him on twitter here.


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