Existential Poem


The Big Bang never happened,
Neither did Original Sin.
You evolved from an abyss;
Darwin must have not known
of existential chagrin.
You are amorphous, like the wind,
Like the poetry herein.
You think, therefore you are not.
Descartes and you are not akin.

In this lamp-lit corner.
Coffee, cigarette butts, your cold sandwich,
and crumpled tissue paper
Remind you.
And just as you are about to forget
your very presence,
A cough, a blue fly, your bladder,
the telephone ringing, your mother’s voice
And the rain, remind you once again
that you are here.
And that gravity is pulling you down.
And that God may exist.
And that today is Friday.
And that your clothes are damp.
And that the embassy is closed.
And that somebody might get home any minute.

Farah Chamma

is a Dubai-born Palestinian poet currently studying philosophy and politics at the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She began writing poetry at the age of 14 and performing at the age of 16. Farah writes poetry in English, Arabic, and French using a variety of lyrical and linguistic styles. She is currently studying the Portuguese language and plans to start working on multilingual poetry. She is one of the youngest members of Poeticians, a group of poets and writers from the Middle East. She has been engaged in performance poetry and spoken word since 2008 and has participated in many events and competitions including the SIKKA Art Fair and the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature. In 2012, she organized and hosted “Sip of Poetry” in Abu Dhabi, a poetry evening featuring various poets from the region. She is currently working on launching a student-led poetry group with the help of award-winning poet and hip-hop artist, Paul D, aiming to encourage spoken word performances in colleges and universities. Farah’s work is mainly promoted through spoken word events and filmed videos. Her Arabic poem “How Must I Believe?” shot by the FLEX received more than 200,000 views on YouTube and helped revive her online presence. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: Untitled – By Reem Yassouf.

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