Let us dance (Poem)

(This piece is part of a series running all week on Beyond Compromise about Homs. In memory of the city, its brave people and its countless dead.)


Let us dance

To the sound of falling bombs let us sing

to the tunes of scud missiles

let us hold hands and stare

as Sirin gas traces the air let us laugh at the accent of our neighbors

and inhale the smoke of burning rubber

Let us play hide and seek with ‘resistance’ fighters

and write on the walls “Allah Akbar”

Let us be one with each other as our Homs is shreded into a thousand and one

Let us have one another

before we end up beneath the white cover.


-Aghyan Alzu’bi was born in Daraa, his family exiled from Syria in 1974 by Hafiz Assad and never allowed back. He currently resides in California with his Palestinian wife and their newly born daughter.

-Photo: General Of Death by Ismail Al Rifai

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