Homs lies destroyed

(This piece is part of a series running all week on Beyond Compromise about Homs. In memory of the city, its brave people and its countless dead.)


I remember thinking, as many Syrians did, that Bashar 
Al-Assad would not dare to do anything comparable to his 
father’s ravaging of the city of Hama in 1982. With 
smartphones, social media and the eyes of the world 
watching, how could he? We were wrong.

Homs, a city of 1 million, is now devastated, with most of 
its residents long having fled the violence, eking out a 
miserable existence at the mercy of hostile governments in 
neighbouring countries. You only have to type the city’s 
name in Google for a litany of images of a ghost town, 
with not a single building intact or undamaged.

We thought Assad would not dare because we were under the 
erroneous impression that the outside world, however you 
would define it, would not tolerate it, yet tolerate it 
they did.

I’m sure many Syrians feel the same as me, as if I’m 
screaming in the dark. The apathy, the denials, the 
outright lies all stick in my throat and my rage and 
bitterness is without end. I could post a thousand 
pictures of dead babies, abandoned cities, aerial 
bombardment on Facebook without a flicker of interest. Yet 
as soon as I change my profile picture, 50 likes and 50 
comments. I apologize for the profanity, but fuck your 

Syria is the cradle of civilization. We are descended from 
those who helped bring light to a once dark world, and we 
deserve better than this. Is it because we are now Arabs 
or Muslims, cursed from birth with the disdain of Western 
capitals and peoples? Or is our suffering inconvenient in 
that it may force you to actually do something about it, 
and so you ignore it?

-Khalil Abdullah

Khalil Abdullah is originally from Aleppo. He was born in the UK where he currently practices as a doctor.

-Photo: Death Looms Over The City By Khaldoun Azzam


  1. There is no such thing as humanity, only higher apes.

  2. Reblogged this on Gab .

  3. Frenchie says:

    Khalil –

    You can’t be from Aleppo and born in the UK, you are British. If you were of Syrian parents, it’s understandable that you identify with them at least partially. However, you can’t say ‘we’.

    I, as many in France but elsewhere, sympathise with Syrians and hate Assad for what he has done. But you have very hard words for everyone else.

    You say ‘hostile neighbouring countries’, but Turkey, Jordan have provided huge camps, Lebanon has now 25% Syrians in its population.

    The UN are providing most of this aid, the biggest donor being the USA.

    It’s human to be hostile when jobs or ressources are taken by refugees. But you can’t say in general they’ve been hostile, on the contrary.

    ‘cursed from birth with the disdain of Western capitals and peoples ? ”

    Khalil, if you are cursed from birth, it’s got nothing to do with ‘western capitals’, its because islam imposes itself on you from birth. You have no choice, leaving islam means death, or rejection at best. Is that something we should look upon as good ? What is democratic or just about that ? How can you have democracy if even individuals aren’t free ?

    The other reasons why some might have disdain is no doubt a lot to do with the fact that muslims have disdain and hatred for other religions, muslim sects and peoples. Even if they don’t kill them, they subdue them and they’re second class citizens. They hate the jews above all, and have never stopped wanting to destroy Israel. How many christians remain in muslim countries ? Syria did have many and they were respected, but now ? How many muslim countries accept atheists ?

    Whenever the west has stepped in, they’re attacked for interfering and the result is often worse than with the previous dictator. Libyans were grateful, but now, their own fanatics are killing Libyans. Whatever the ‘west’ does, it’s wrong. Wrong if they do, wrong if they don’t. Can’t you realize that they’re fed up, especially the general public, who do have a say ?

    Another reason for disdain is that islam refuses to ‘reform’ to adopt modern thinking and is so hypocritical in that it rejects science and progress, yet uses the results of it for themselves. It also has the very bad habit of always blaming others for their woes. They only have dictators or monarchs yet they never wonder why. The list is so long for all the reasons people dislike muslims that I’m sure you’ve seen it all before. It’s too easy to claim ‘islamophobia’.

    And once again, you’re blaming the ‘west’, when in fact the fault is with you, or the Syrian opposition.

    The reasons why not more was done in Syria, as you can’t help but know, is because the radical sides, first the MB, then islamists affiliated with AQ took over the other opposition. They couldn’t get their act together, arguing all the time and now helping Assad by fighting each other. How can anyone welcome Alqaeda in their midst ?

    They also committed atrocities and became war lords.

    I personally think that Nato should have intervened at the very beginning at least to show force and force Assad to make more concessions and even step down. But, the proof is that he has too much support. Otherwise the whole gvt and army would have defected.

    You can’t ignore that totally different from Libya, there is Russia, Iran, hezbollah and even China who refused to vote, and are helping Assad.

    The only solution today is for the opposition to give up, if they have confidence, use the offers of amnisty, if not flee.

    Otherwise, it will simply go on and on, so why sacrifice so many lives ? It’s insane.

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