On our Nakba to yours

On our Nakba to yours

A letter from a Palestinian refugee to a Syrian refugee:

The tent will be rough the first night, and maybe the first year, afterwards, it will become warm and loving like a family member, but careful not to fall in love with it, like we did.. don’t rejoice when they establish a school or a clinic, this is never good news.. and never ask for stupid things like replacing tents with brick houses, that simply means that you are getting used to this life, and this is where the death of a refugee lays. Don’t teach your kids patience, that is the tool for the helpless. As a favourite pastime of politicians, you will be sold around.. people showing solidarity will come from all countries because you are part of their election propaganda, and they will get closer to god through you, where  you will be especially remembered during Ramadan and other religious holidays. Some will take photos of your sick and exhausted children so they win an international photo prize. Don’t take pictures with good will ambassadors and don’t complain to them about the weather or rocks in your bread, and never ask for a better tent, because there is nothing better than the tent of your homeland. And last, never call “O Arab”, because asking for help from the dead is ill-gotten.

Author: Unknown


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