Hell on Earth: Gaza in Ruin


Gaza has been transmuted from a concentration camp into an inferno. A photo taken by the European Pressphoto Agency, taken July 29 2014, shows the hell that has become of  the Tuffah neighborhood. More than 1,100 Palestinians have been slaughtered, the overwhelming majority of them non-combatants, and modest estimates indicate that an additional 7,000 have been injured. Over 200 Palestinian children no longer walk this earth. Or what remains of it for the Palestinians trapped in Gaza.

The photo may reveal nothing new about the brutality of the Israeli campaign. But it does highlight just how close to hell Gaza has been brought.

-Talal Alyan
Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here.


  1. This is not ‘precision strikes’. This is far more than even collective punishment. This is…Extermination…israel is going for for it all and is committed to a final solution-the UN has to grasp this before its too late…

  2. This is too late we have failed we have to look at this as a family point of view not Israel not Hamas, In the Name of God, the Most Ancient, the Most Great.
    Indeed the hearts of the sincere are consumed in the fire of separation: Where is the gleaming of the light of Thy Countenance, O Beloved of the worlds?
    Those who are near unto Thee have been abandoned in the darkness of desolation: Where is the shining of the morn of Thy reunion, O Desire of the worlds?
    The bodies of Thy chosen ones lie quivering on distant sands: Where is the ocean of Thy presence, O Enchanter of the worlds?
    Longing han ds are uplifted to the heaven of Thy grace and generosity: Where are the rains of Thy bestowal, O Answerer of the worlds?
    The infidels have arisen in tyranny on every hand: Where is the compelling power of Thine ordaining pen, O Conqueror of the worlds? 215
    The barking of dogs is loud on every side: Where is the lion of the forest of Thy might, O Chastiser of the worlds?
    Coldness hath gripped all mankind: Where is the warmth of Thy love, O Fire of the worlds?
    Calamity hath reached its height: Where are the signs of Thy succor, O Salvation of the worlds?
    Darkness hath enveloped most of the peoples: Where is the brightness of Thy splendor, O Radiance of the worlds?
    The necks of men are stretched out in malice: Where are the swords of Thy vengeance, O Destroyer of the worlds?
    Abasement hath reached its lowest depth: Where are the emblems of Thy glory, O Glory of the worlds?
    Sorrows have afflicted the Revealer of Thy Name, the All-Merciful: Where is the joy of the Dayspring of Thy Revelation, O Delight of the worlds?

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