28 Palestinians tortured to death in August alone.

There are now at least 28 Palestinians that have been tortured to death by the Syrian regime. Both Palestinian human rights organizations in Syria (Action Group for Palestinians in Syria & Palestinian League for Human Rights-Syria) have documented these deaths.

2465 Palestinians have died during the course of the Syrian war so far. Over 250 of them have died by torture. And this month alone, 28 Palestinians have been tormented to death, almost one every day. I have listed their names below. We have the photographs of 19 of these men. For the other casualties, we have only their names. Each had a story. And each perished in an agony unimaginable to most of us.

-Tarik Rashdan

Tarik Rashdan Yarmouk

-Suleiman Ahmad Tamim

Suleiman Ahmad Tamim

-Anas al khatib

Anas al khatib

-Iyad Hanino

Iyad Hanino

-Adham al Khatib

Adham al Khatib

-Amjad Darwish

Amjad Darwish

-Mahmoud al Aswad

Mahmoud al Aswad

-Jamal abu Hasheesh

Jamal abu Hasheesh

-Ziad Ibrahim

Ziad Ibrahim

-Ahmad Sammour

Ahmad Sammour

-Mohammad Ali Al Badawi

Mohammad Ali Al Badawi

-Osama Majid Faour

Osama Majid Faour

-Taysir Shehadeh

Taysir Shehadeh

-Shaher Fadil Shehadeh

Shaher Fadil Shehadeh

-Omar Ahmad Fallah al-Shamlooni

Omar Ahmad Fallah al-Shamlooni

-Muwaffaq Ahmad Ali

Muwaffaq Ahmad Ali

-Firas al-Da’if

Firas al-Da'if

-Rafat Abdul’al

Rafat Abdul'al

-Nawras Abdul’al

Nawras Abdul'al

-Salah Qur’aish

-Maher Amrin

-Sammour Mohammad

-Amjad al-Sabihi

-Saed abu Rashid

-Mohammad al Sarsawi

-Alaa Naji

-Maher Hamid

-Mahmoud Hamarna

-Talal Alyan

Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here


  1. I DO CARE, VERY DEEPLY, I will share this. It’s about time the world WOKE UP to the plight of our brothers and sisters from Palestine. My love and prayers go out to their bereaved families and friends and to ALL PAlestinian people who are suffering.

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