Manufactured Drought: Yarmouk without water for 10 days

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Water has been cut off entirely in Yarmouk refugee camp for 10 days. As I’ve already written about, the Syrian regime has engineered a drought since June that has compounded the anguish of the those still trapped inside the camp. Limited water services were turned on for only a couple hours every few days. However, water services have been shut off completely for the last 10 days.

“There is no water in the camp,” explains one resident, “we’ve been in this condition for awhile. It’s either (a crisis of) food or water or something else. We can no longer endure this”

A campaign for solidarity with the camp released this statement today:

“With the continuation of the armed conflict in Syria, more than 20,000 civilians remain in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp. The reality is that Yarmouk, the southern region of the capital Damascus, has been under siege suffocating from conditions of humanitarian crisis for 426 days. The people of Yarmouk have endured additional crises due to a large lack of basic life necessities, which thus far has claimed 172 lives. This crisis has newly manifested due to a lack of potable drinking water, now for the tenth day, in addition to the spread of Typhoid fever whereby 170 people have been recorded affected. As a result of attempts to alleviate this crisis, people in the camp have resorted to using water from old wells, which have not been sufficient for covering the needs of the camp residents. This crisis is exacerbated by conditions of a lack of fuel, which is needed to pump water from the wells, and the possibility of water contamination, creating an ideal environment for the growth and spread of germs and bacteria. And so we turn to the existing organizations and institutions to assume responsibility and put pressure on the authorities and fronts to provide drinking water immediately and with urgency to the residents of the camp and seek to revive the demand to neutralize Yarmouk camp in order to end the siege of the camp and return the civilians to a safe and demilitarized zone as the best solution for the crisis of Yarmouk.”

-Talal Alyan

Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here.


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