Faces of Our Dead: Photos of the Palestinians tortured to death by Syrian regime

There have been at least 265 Palestinians tortured to death by the Syrian regime. Hundreds of others remain vanished. No editorializing. No moral indignation. Here are the faces of 56 of the Palestinians who have been tormented to death:

-Khaled Bakrawi

Khaled Bakrawi

-Hassan Hassan

Hassan Hassan

-Husam Al Din Al Numeri

Husam Al Din Al Numeri

-Mustafa Al Aide

Mustafa Al Aide

-Salah Rashdan “Abu Omar”

Salah Rashdan %22Abu Omar%22

-Natheer Mohammad Al-Mo’ty

Natheer Mohammad Al-Mo'ty

-Ayman Mohammed Sobhia

Ayman Mohammed Sobhia

-Saleem Mohammad Al-Mou’ad

Saleem Mohammad Al-Mou'ad

-Ghassan Salamah

Ghassan Salamah

-Hossam Ali Abu Zamel

Hossam Ali Abu Zamel

-Mohammed Walid al Shahabi

Mohammed Walid al Shahabi

-Nasir Sakhnini

Nasir Sakhnini

-Hussam Sakhnini

Hussam Sakhnini

-Ahmad Youssef Azemeh

Ahmad Youssef Azemeh

-Basel Youssef Azemeh

Basel Youssef Azemeh

-Ahmad Taha

Ahmad Taha

-Mohammad Mansour

Mohammad Mansour

-Waseem Abu Zenah

Waseem Abu Zenah

-Abdullah Suleiman Zatoot

Abdullah Suleiman Zatoot

-Mohammad Abdullah & Ahmad Abdullah

Mohammad Abdullah & Ahmad Abdullah

-Ammar Ahmed Abu Rashid

Ammar Ahmed Abu Rashid

-Muhannad Khalifa

Muhannad Khalifa

-Suleiman Al Qusai

Suleiman Al Qusai

-Mohammad Nasser Jadaa

Mohammad Nasser Jadaa

-Aiman Younis Baker

Aiman Younis Baker

-Osama Al- Tobasi

Osama Al- Tobasi

-Taysir Bahloul

Taysir Bahloul

-Mohammad Kamal Al Derbee

Mohammad Kamal Al Derbee

-Rami Baker Abu Ahmad

Rami Baker Abu Ahmad

-Mohammad Ibrahim al-Saghir

Mohammad Ibrahim al-Saghir

-Maher Hamid

Maher Hamid

-Amjad Darwish

Amjad Darwish

-Adham al Khatib

Adham al Khatib

-Iyad Hanino

Iyad Hanino

-Anas al Khatib

Anas al khatib

-Suleiman Ahmad Tamim

Suleiman Ahmad Tamim

-Tarik Rashdan

Tarik Rashdan Yarmouk

-Nawras Abdul’al

Nawras Abdul'al

-Rafat Abdul’al

Rafat Abdul'al

-Firas al-Da’if

Firas al-Da'if

-Muwaffaq Ahmad Ali

Muwaffaq Ahmad Ali

-Shaher Fadil Shehadeh

Shaher Fadil Shehadeh

-Taysir Shehadeh

Taysir Shehadeh

-Omar Ahmad Fallah al-Shamlooni

Omar Ahmad Fallah al-Shamlooni

-Osama Majid Faour

Osama Majid Faour

-Mohammad Ali Al Badawi

Mohammad Ali Al Badawi

-Ahmad Sammour

Ahmad Sammour

-Ziad Ibrahim

Ziad Ibrahim

-Jamal abu Hasheesh

Jamal abu Hasheesh

-Mahmoud al Aswad

Mahmoud al Aswad

-Dr. Saleem Almawe’d

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 5.33.54 PM

– Daya’ Salman

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.37.34 PM

-Ziad Matlak

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.25.47 PM

-Mohammad Najam

new yarm

-Abdullah el-Nader

new yarmm

-Talal Alyan

Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here.

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