About Us

Beyond Compromise is an online publication run by Palestinian writers in various countries. We have come together to share our thoughts and opinions on the Middle East, North Africa and Asia’s past, present and future. We showcase perspectives on Politics, Poetry, and Arts & Culture, as they are an integral part of society.

On Politics:

For Palestine, the Nakba has undoubtedly affected all of us and continues to do so. At its core, the Palestinian struggle is one of a people forcibly uprooted from their homeland. We at Beyond Compromise aim to provide a platform for individuals to express, freely, their thoughts on the past and the future of Palestine. We at Beyond Compromise are not affiliated or supportive of any Palestinian political faction. We are also committed to being the medium for individuals living in the Middle East or in the Diaspora to voice their opinions on current political affairs within the region.

On Poetry:

The Middle East, North Africa and Asia’s literary legacy of poetry spans through centuries. We at Beyond Compromise encourage Poets from all over the world to share their poetic musings, whether in Arabic, English or French.

On Arts & Culture:

The Arab world shares a common history, culture and language. We hope to establish Beyond Compromise as a platform to celebrate our history and rich culture while working towards bringing justice to our people. We encourage creativity by covering art, fashion, music, illustration, photography, and design.


  1. How do you propose to pursue a just peace?

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