Hala Nasr is a current Masters student in Development Studies at the University of Auckland. Her areas of specialisation are in relation to gender, Third World feminist theory, and sexual and reproductive health. Her current MA project is interested in the effectiveness of anti-sexual harassment campaigns in promoting gender justice. Hala is looking for individuals […]

Daughter of the Catastrophe (Spoken Word)

  July 10, 1948 (العاشر من تموز ١٩٤٨) Al Tireh (الطيرة) falls And I become a daughter of the catastrophe Born from those forcibly uprooted From her terraced fields Travailing destroyed village after destroyed village To settle in Amman New Camp (مخيم الوحدات) Temporary Temporary is now sixty-six years new Yet they are no longer […]

Yarmouk (Poem)

This is Yarmouk The capital of the Palestinian diaspora Cement block homes and narrow streets, Housing eternal refugees Exiled from a land, longing for return Only besieged Barrel bombs dropping Crumbling, crumbled Hollowed out shells Haunted with remnants of laughter Now cries of hunger “Mamma where is my bread” (wein el khebez ya emmi) “I am […]

To North Africa – “More ink, more words, more art scenes in the Arab world.”

MC Yazen is an Abu Dhabi-based Syrian rapper and producer who started his career in 2005. His work mainly involves live performances and Music videos. He has performed in different countries such as Lebanon and Turkey sharing the stage with other renowned Arab rappers such as Omar Offendum and the Narcycist, as well as Missy […]

Jerusalem – القدس

La fleur des cités… I remember growing up listening to this song. Taking me on a voyage to a place that was familiar yet far. A place where I only experienced it through photographs and stories of the past from family members who have now past. Experiencing Jerusalem in 2011 and again in 2013 was […]

Handcuffed Children

Australia- “What would you do if your child was handcuffed, hooded, interrogated, mistreated and not reachable? What Israel does to Palestinian children.” This was the tweet. Thirty-nine retweets, two favourites, a couple of queries, and the inevitable but laughable troll or two, was the response. This was not a just a random tweet. This was […]

In Photos: Palestinians Claim-back Jerusalem Streets at Night

An anonymous group of Palestinian graffiti artists penetrated the neighbourhoods of Baqaa and Talbiyye in occupied Jerusalem overnight with political messages of resistance and to “Remember Gaza”. This is the third time the artists have penetrated the heavily fortified West Jerusalem, please see the previous first and second attempts reported via The Electronic Intifada, which […]

The Return

Australia – I do not recall a time where I lost touch with my Palestinian self. I grew up a Palestinian child, a fourth generation 48 land Palestinian in exile, and now am a Palestinian woman, still in exile. I get my political thought from my father, who influenced my awareness on Palestine and how […]