Moukawama: a guide for Palestinian & “pro-Palestinian” shabiha sympathizers

Today, the Syrian uprising encompasses several different conflicts and turmoils that have deep regional consequence. It engages the dispossession of the Palestinians, the question of resistance to imperialism, and the question of the Iranian-proxy group, Hezbollah. Slogans are one thing and reality is another. Syria’s Ba’ath Party constituted a political platform only to perpetuate oppression in […]

A Brief Historical Analysis of the Roots of the Protracted Social Conflict in Syria

Geneva II, and all other efforts to resolve the conflict, are doomed to fail because they do not account for one fundamental principle: the communal content of the Syrian crisis must be understood and analyzed carefully and thoroughly in order to identify situations and factors that resulted with the deprivation of certain identity groups from […]

Occupation Traffic: The Road from Ramallah to Abu Dis

Before you sleep, you make a little time calculation using the time your class begins, the 45 minutes it takes to get there and the one-hour you give yourself just-in-case there is occupation traffic. You jump in one of the orange Fords, along with six other passengers, after putting up a fight against other students who are either running late […]

On the Dreadful Obsession with Arab Unity

With all the miseries and tribulations imposed upon us, as Arabs, by foreign powers as well as self-appointed dictators who are often in bed with our enemies in Tel Aviv and Washington, we are afflicted with an obsession that we call ‘unity.’ We should be united; we should find principles that are very fundamental to […]

Love, my love.

Love in Arabic is ḥob (حُب) and for every complex Arabic word is a root word. Here, ḥob comes from ḥab (حَب) which means “seed” and alludes to the fact that once love is planted, like a seed, it grows and grows through nourishment, attention, and care. I want to love. I want to love without society telling me how not […]

Could the UN better protect civilians by entering Syria without the regimes permission?

In Brief: Humanitarian access without regime permission and safe areas in a small part or parts of the country would make a serious improvement to the life chances of thousands of Syrian civilians. Nowhere in Syria is safe and the risk of death looms large for all of Syria’s civilians. The UN and humanitarian agencies […]

The Black Stones of Homs

Two years ago, this video was published online as a dedication to the city of Homs. It features lyrics from a poem by Nasib Arida. Each city in Syria has a defining feature. In Hama, the norias are not only the symbol of the city but often act as a stand-in when wanting to discuss […]

أهل الشام (Spoken word)

أهل الشام يا أهل الشام يا أطفال الشام يا خضار الشام What do I tell them? He said: Why? In the blink of an eye, The rivers flowed with blood The dry basins filled with the tears of mothers The sky flourished with the spirits of martyrs Home is where the heart is but my […]

Bashar Assad and the Death of History

“Yaqtol el-qateel wa yamshy be janazatehy” – Arabic Proverb He kills the victim and walks in his funeral: this Arabic proverb is not specifically concerned with the physical act of ‘killing.’ The word ‘kill’ is used as a rhetorical tool to describe things that include, but not restricted to, oppression, coercion, enforcement, treason, and sometimes […]

Lessons From Homs

(This piece is part of a series running all week on Beyond Compromise about Homs. In memory of the city, its brave people and its countless dead.) It feels like light years have passed since those long February nights I spent watching a live stream of Homs being shelled into oblivion. Mortar rounds, rockets, and intermittent gunfire: smiling […]