Gaza Poem (video)

-Hala Alyan Hala Alyan is a Palestinian-American poet and clinical psychologist whose work has appeared in several journals, including Copper Nickel, Third Coast, and The Journal. Her first full-length poetry collection, “Atrium,” was published by Three Rooms Press in New York City, and was awarded the 2013 Arab American Book Award in Poetry. She resides […]

صرصار المارينا

شُرفةٌ تُطِل على البحر ،في المارينا حيٌ في دبي، ميت لا يسكنه إلا المترفون كوب قهوة و سيجارة عند أذان الفجر كتاب يقلّب صفاحَته نسيم لا يَهُمه غثيان سارتر أرق متمرد، عقيم …أرق ثورة من ورق ،قلم جف حبُره ..رغم رطوبة الجو صرصار كافكا مات عَجزاً و صرصار المارينا سيموت ظاناً بأنه تمكن من إيقاف […]

An unnaming of tragedy in 3 parts (Poem)

(to Palestine and Syria) I. Joints filled with fog, no way from here to bend them Joints filled with fog, bending them   Fog bent. Bones filled with fog, no way to lift them So lift them. But a request:   Please do not remember for that requires being dis-membered, and that seems far more […]

سجنُكم لا نحبُّه ولا نهابُه ! لا نهابُه

جدرانٌ جدرانٌ جدرانْ صاحت بي و بكمْ صاحتْ لنا و لهمْ صاحتْ بمن ذهبوا صاحتْ بمن قعدوا هنا صاحتْ و طالَ الصياحُ جدرانُكم جدرانُنا صيحاتُ عذاباتِكم أوصلتنا هنا صيحاتُ قمعِ الطغاةِ لبناةِ النهارِ صاحتْ بكمْ و بنا صاحتْ لقانونِ حكمٍ , صاحتْ لسوطِ قمعٍ صاحتْ بنا الآنَ أنتِ نورٌ الآن هي نورٌ و ما هي إلا […]

Sixty-six Seconds (Poem)

A sixty-six seconds moment of silence tomorrow But I always go through sixty-six seconds and more…quiet Brushing my teeth, thinking of something I forgot to do, Of that prayer I missed, Of the exams I take as I ride a yellow taxi, Imagining that place I’d like to visit, Missing a friend, Wondering how of […]

Daughter of the Catastrophe (Spoken Word)

  July 10, 1948 (العاشر من تموز ١٩٤٨) Al Tireh (الطيرة) falls And I become a daughter of the catastrophe Born from those forcibly uprooted From her terraced fields Travailing destroyed village after destroyed village To settle in Amman New Camp (مخيم الوحدات) Temporary Temporary is now sixty-six years new Yet they are no longer […]

Call for submissions: Commemorating the Nakba

We’re going to be running a series to commemorate the Nakba on Beyond Compromise. Memory is perhaps the strongest component of our resistance, and so these remembrances are as much a political act as they are a cathartic practice. If you’re Palestinian, consider submitting a reflection, poem, visual arts, or political essay for this series and […]

Yarmouk (Poem)

This is Yarmouk The capital of the Palestinian diaspora Cement block homes and narrow streets, Housing eternal refugees Exiled from a land, longing for return Only besieged Barrel bombs dropping Crumbling, crumbled Hollowed out shells Haunted with remnants of laughter Now cries of hunger “Mamma where is my bread” (wein el khebez ya emmi) “I am […]

أهل الشام (Spoken word)

أهل الشام يا أهل الشام يا أطفال الشام يا خضار الشام What do I tell them? He said: Why? In the blink of an eye, The rivers flowed with blood The dry basins filled with the tears of mothers The sky flourished with the spirits of martyrs Home is where the heart is but my […]

The Jasmines of Homs (Poem)

Let me tell you about jasmines. The Persian meaning of a jasmine is “a gift from God”; a pure, white gift from God whose scent slithers in the wind and curls up in your heart. The jasmine is the cousin you envy, the one who got away from the olive tree and grew beautiful, exotic, […]