Hala Nasr is a current Masters student in Development Studies at the University of Auckland. Her areas of specialisation are in relation to gender, Third World feminist theory, and sexual and reproductive health. Her current MA project is interested in the effectiveness of anti-sexual harassment campaigns in promoting gender justice. Hala is looking for individuals […]

Shelling and Siege of Yarmouk Continues

By the beginning of March, the little food that was entering Yarmouk was cut off altogether with UNRWA declaring it had failed to continue their relief effort inside the camp. The Islamic battalions led by Jabhat al Nusrah and ISIS entered the camp again and the “truce” broke down, people returned to their lives of […]

Amnesty International Report Underlines Who Destroyed Yarmouk

“The Syrian government has committed numerous war crimes as part of the siege of Yarmouk. Hundreds of civilian residents of Yarmouk have been killed, wounded or have perished as a result of deliberate starvation and destruction of their means of support, direct attacks on civilians and indiscriminate attacks. Other residents have been subjected to enforced […]

Declaration of a Shared Fate

We, the undersigned, in accordance with our belief in the shared fate of the Syrian and Palestinian people, and our wish for the unity of Syrian territory and safety for all Syrians, draw the attention of the international community, on the occasion of Geneva II, to the fact that the Palestinians who have lived in […]

While You Were Neutral About Yarmouk

While you were insisting on neutrality about Yarmouk, the Syrian regime dropped barrel bombs on it. Mohammad Al Far. Husam Abo Ahmad. Mohammad Tafori. Mohammad Suhaib Al Qides. Ala’a Fri’j. These men are all dead. Mohammad Taha would later die too when he, along with a larger demonstration, approached a regime checkpoint in frustration after the […]

Supporting the Syrian Revolution – The Case Against Neutrality.

Much has proliferated over the internet and social media sites regarding what is happening in Syria, and more specifically what is happening in the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk. The disaster that has been unfolding in this country for over three years captured the lives of over 100,000 Syrians and displaced over 2 million. Caught […]

Yarmouk According to the Residents of Yarmouk

There has been an overflow of accounts regarding what prevented a relief envoy from reaching Yarmouk. The speculation morphed into conviction that oppositional fighters shot at the envoy, thwarting efforts to end the siege that has been imposed for around half a year. It is exactly the news that neutralist Palestinians have been waiting for. […]

We Need to Talk about Yarmouk

There has been an unnerving silence about the ongoing siege of a Palestinian camp in Damascus. It has gotten swept under the rug, along with the destruction of Syria, as one of those tragedies that for many seems easier to occasionally lament rather than take an active stand about. For almost half a year now, […]

Why I Oppose Political Institutions In Palestine

Palestinians need to demand the dismantlement of all political institutions and factions in Palestine. There is not one political institution that is able of granting Palestinians fair and full representation or granting them their full human rights. Political institutions under a colonialist apartheid system are futile. The Palestinian struggle for liberation has been weakened by […]

ما يجوز ولا يجوز في حربنا الاعلاميه

في عصرنا الحالي اضحت الحرب الاعلاميه عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي بأنواعها تساوي بقوتها اعتى الصواريخ واكبرها مدى. لكن لصنع ضربة اعلاميه موجعه للعدو او لإيصال الفكره الداعمه للقضيه الفلسطينيه يجب تحري الامور التاليه: – عدم استخدام صور او معلومات غير موثقة توثيقا صحيحا لما له من بالغ الضرر. في الوضع الراهن تتشابه الاحداث والمآسي بين […]