Letter to Tel Aviv

Somewhere at the end of this half smoked cigarette, there is a sentence waiting. It will contain all the right quotes and statistics, all the histories and traumas. I will let it speak and then I will be silent. It will give you numbers. It will stitch pictures to each of these number. And you […]


في حديث النكبة..(3) #يلا_نكبة .. جلبة في الصباح على صعود تل تجلله من الخلف ثلاث مستوطنات، كانت تسبقني ببطئ شاحنة رمادية، معبأة بدمى رمادية على شكل أطفال وشباب وربما شيخ أو اثنان، ويصعد منها عمود طويل من “العفش” الرمادي أيضا. كأن هذه الشاحنة أخذت مغادرة من أحد أفلام العشرينات. صوت الحديد فيها يرتطم ببعضه البعض […]

Sixty-six Seconds (Poem)

A sixty-six seconds moment of silence tomorrow But I always go through sixty-six seconds and more…quiet Brushing my teeth, thinking of something I forgot to do, Of that prayer I missed, Of the exams I take as I ride a yellow taxi, Imagining that place I’d like to visit, Missing a friend, Wondering how of […]

هابي نكبة داي

  في حديث النكبة (2) هابي نكبة داي! اليوم هو ذكرى ما يطلقون عليه “النكبة”.. أشاهد النكبة فينا ترسخت، وأوقن أكثر أنها ليست فقط في أرض ضاعت وأناس تشردت وأولاد وأحفاد مشتتون في أصقاع المعمورة، ليست في قرى هدمت ومساجد تحولت إلى مواخير، ليست فقط في “أقلية” أبقت على وجودها قسرا تقاهر وتفجر غضب المحتل […]

Daughter of the Catastrophe (Spoken Word)

  July 10, 1948 (العاشر من تموز ١٩٤٨) Al Tireh (الطيرة) falls And I become a daughter of the catastrophe Born from those forcibly uprooted From her terraced fields Travailing destroyed village after destroyed village To settle in Amman New Camp (مخيم الوحدات) Temporary Temporary is now sixty-six years new Yet they are no longer […]

To define Nakba

Nakba; means Catastrophe which refers to the atrocious exodus that the Palestinian people suffered from, to the 531 demolished villages and to the ominous year – 1948. But is that it? Is that what Nakba is all about? The chain of endless suffering hinges the blue ropes between histories, making time travel to seem possible. […]

On our Nakba to yours

A letter from a Palestinian refugee to a Syrian refugee: The tent will be rough the first night, and maybe the first year, afterwards, it will become warm and loving like a family member, but careful not to fall in love with it, like we did.. don’t rejoice when they establish a school or a […]

كل نكبة وأنتم أنكب

في حديث النكبة (1) كل نكبة وأنتم “أنكب”! لا أخاطبكم هذه المرة باسم الشعب المهجر، فأنا لست ابنة النكبة، ولم يحدثني أجدادي يوما عن هجرة أرعبتهم وفرقتهم وقصَّت طريق المحبة والشمل كي تقصه، ولا عن مفتاح حملته جدتي في صدرها تدفئه وتخاف عليه الصدأ، ولن أحكي أبدا عن قصة الولد الذي ضاع بين المشاة، فهذا […]

Call for submissions: Commemorating the Nakba

We’re going to be running a series to commemorate the Nakba on Beyond Compromise. Memory is perhaps the strongest component of our resistance, and so these remembrances are as much a political act as they are a cathartic practice. If you’re Palestinian, consider submitting a reflection, poem, visual arts, or political essay for this series and […]

I Converted 2,000 Years Ago

“You exist?” “They still make you guys?” “When did you convert?” Palestinian Christians before myself have not failed to mention the conversations they experience once they reveal their identities. We often snicker at that element of surprise and shock we receive in response. And I’ve had my fair share of laughs. A basketball buddy once […]