Manufactured Drought: Yarmouk without water for 10 days

Water has been cut off entirely in Yarmouk refugee camp for 10 days. As I’ve already written about, the Syrian regime has engineered a drought since June that has compounded the anguish of the those still trapped inside the camp. Limited water services were turned on for only a couple hours every few days. However, water […]

A Palestinian has been tortured to death every day of this month

A Palestinian has been tortured to death in a Syrian regime prison every single day of this month so far. Yarmouk has been under a complete siege for over 400 days, a drought manufactured by the regime taunts it daily while what is left of its inhabitants remain trapped with no medical aid or basic […]

Gaza Poem (video)

-Hala Alyan Hala Alyan is a Palestinian-American poet and clinical psychologist whose work has appeared in several journals, including Copper Nickel, Third Coast, and The Journal. Her first full-length poetry collection, “Atrium,” was published by Three Rooms Press in New York City, and was awarded the 2013 Arab American Book Award in Poetry. She resides […]

A New Siege: the manufacture of drought in Yarmouk

Three Palestinian lives have been claimed due to abrupt shelling of the Yarmouk camp by the Syrian regime. Alaa Nassar, Firas Fantaziyeh and Khaled Ammoura all passed away during the regime’s sudden attack on the camp earlier today. It was described by residents as the heaviest shelling of Yarmouk in months, an aggression against the […]

Moukawama: a guide for Palestinian & “pro-Palestinian” shabiha sympathizers

Today, the Syrian uprising encompasses several different conflicts and turmoils that have deep regional consequence. It engages the dispossession of the Palestinians, the question of resistance to imperialism, and the question of the Iranian-proxy group, Hezbollah. Slogans are one thing and reality is another. Syria’s Ba’ath Party constituted a political platform only to perpetuate oppression in […]

A Brief Historical Analysis of the Roots of the Protracted Social Conflict in Syria

Geneva II, and all other efforts to resolve the conflict, are doomed to fail because they do not account for one fundamental principle: the communal content of the Syrian crisis must be understood and analyzed carefully and thoroughly in order to identify situations and factors that resulted with the deprivation of certain identity groups from […]

Could the UN better protect civilians by entering Syria without the regimes permission?

In Brief: Humanitarian access without regime permission and safe areas in a small part or parts of the country would make a serious improvement to the life chances of thousands of Syrian civilians. Nowhere in Syria is safe and the risk of death looms large for all of Syria’s civilians. The UN and humanitarian agencies […]

The Black Stones of Homs

Two years ago, this video was published online as a dedication to the city of Homs. It features lyrics from a poem by Nasib Arida. Each city in Syria has a defining feature. In Hama, the norias are not only the symbol of the city but often act as a stand-in when wanting to discuss […]

Bashar Assad and the Death of History

“Yaqtol el-qateel wa yamshy be janazatehy” – Arabic Proverb He kills the victim and walks in his funeral: this Arabic proverb is not specifically concerned with the physical act of ‘killing.’ The word ‘kill’ is used as a rhetorical tool to describe things that include, but not restricted to, oppression, coercion, enforcement, treason, and sometimes […]

Lessons From Homs

(This piece is part of a series running all week on Beyond Compromise about Homs. In memory of the city, its brave people and its countless dead.) It feels like light years have passed since those long February nights I spent watching a live stream of Homs being shelled into oblivion. Mortar rounds, rockets, and intermittent gunfire: smiling […]