The Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural

The Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural is a monumental work of public art located in Uptown Oakland, CA on 26th Street between Telegraph and Broadway. The mural pays homage to the history of Bay Area public art and expresses solidarity with Palestinians as bombs continue to fall on Gaza. The Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural adopts the image […]

View from Palestine: Nakba Day and the Catastrophe of Israeli Conquest

Nakba, or Catastrophe, refers to when the Jewish militias ethnically cleansed Palestine, forcing approximately 750,000 Palestinians into exile because they were not Jewish and that their presence and predominant ownership of the land ‘presented obstacles to the creation of Israel.’ On 15 May every year, Palestinians around the world commemorate the Nakba to serve as a […]

The Dreams of a Palestinian (poem)

They say dreams come true. But the dreams of a Palestinian don’t come through. At a checkpoint, They get stopped, searched, and stripped. Humiliated. When smuggled, They reach dead-end. They say dreams are valid. But the dreams of a Palestinian are like his existence. Invalid Rejected, Negotiable, Deniable, ` Refutable. Compromised, Unrecognized. My dreams crush […]

I Will Never Go To Palestine.

I will never go to Palestine.  I will go back. Diaspora.  A father who was forced to flee at seven, with stories of blood stained hills.   A mother who gave birth in the diaspora, just as she was born in it. Exiled since conception. No, it’s not strange how I remember home. Transferred memories planted […]

I Converted 2,000 Years Ago

“You exist?” “They still make you guys?” “When did you convert?” Palestinian Christians before myself have not failed to mention the conversations they experience once they reveal their identities. We often snicker at that element of surprise and shock we receive in response. And I’ve had my fair share of laughs. A basketball buddy once […]

12 Killed by Shelling in Yarmouk Over Weekend

Co-authored by Nidal Bitari Photographs by Niraz Saied When Yarmouk began to unravel, there was an exodus to another camp called Khan al-Sheeh in rural Damascus. Many remained there until the regime  began to drop barrel bombs over the refugee camp. The displaced were forced to wander once more. They moved to other areas, like […]

Shelling and Siege of Yarmouk Continues

By the beginning of March, the little food that was entering Yarmouk was cut off altogether with UNRWA declaring it had failed to continue their relief effort inside the camp. The Islamic battalions led by Jabhat al Nusrah and ISIS entered the camp again and the “truce” broke down, people returned to their lives of […]

Visualizing Palestine: To Palestine, with Love

  Photographers and star-crossed lovers from around the world have gotten together to produce a video for Palestinian lovers this Valentine’s Day. The video targets Israel’s Citizenship Law, which prohibits Palestinian spouses (read: West Bank and Gaza) of Israeli citizens from gaining residency or citizenship in Israel. More than 30,000 people are denied basic rights […]

Declaration of a Shared Fate

We, the undersigned, in accordance with our belief in the shared fate of the Syrian and Palestinian people, and our wish for the unity of Syrian territory and safety for all Syrians, draw the attention of the international community, on the occasion of Geneva II, to the fact that the Palestinians who have lived in […]

Yarmouk According to the Residents of Yarmouk

There has been an overflow of accounts regarding what prevented a relief envoy from reaching Yarmouk. The speculation morphed into conviction that oppositional fighters shot at the envoy, thwarting efforts to end the siege that has been imposed for around half a year. It is exactly the news that neutralist Palestinians have been waiting for. […]