Visualizing Palestine: To Palestine, with Love

  Photographers and star-crossed lovers from around the world have gotten together to produce a video for Palestinian lovers this Valentine’s Day. The video targets Israel’s Citizenship Law, which prohibits Palestinian spouses (read: West Bank and Gaza) of Israeli citizens from gaining residency or citizenship in Israel. More than 30,000 people are denied basic rights […]

Visualizing Palestine: Back To School

“Among the continuing flurry of global media coverage on the crisis in Syria, the situation of the estimated 6 million displaced by conflict has gained only sporadic reportage. Meanwhile, the second large scale displacement of the longstanding Palestinian refugee population in Syria has been little mentioned. By September 2013, close to 60% of this 500,000 […]

Visualizing Palestine: Where The Law Stands On The Wall

In June 2002, the Israeli cabinet approved the construction of a “continuous fence” in the West Bank. In July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared this barrier illegal, choosing to refer to it as a “wall”. Their decision included three specific reasons for the wall’s illegality: 1) It constitutes de facto annexation 2) It is not […]

Visualizing Palestine: A Guide to Administrative Detention

In May 2012, over 2,000 Palestinian prisoners and detainees went on hunger strike to challenge the conditions they face in the Israeli prison system. Not least, they called for an end to the practice of administrative detention, where Palestinians are held without charge or trial for months or even years. Despite drawing worldwide attention to […]

Visualizing Palestine: Uprooted. The Story of the Olive Trees.

”This week marked the start of the annual Palestinian olive harvest, an ancient tradition on which 80,000 families still rely for their livelihoods. Yet these families face growing economic hardship due to Israeli land confiscations, access restrictions, settler attacks, and not least the widespread uprooting, destruction and theft of the trees themselves. The infographic ‘Uprooted‘ […]