The Palestinians of Syria: A Compilation

(Note: I have compiled below some updated information on the Palestinians of Syria and their current crisis. I will spare the reader any excessive editorializing. Let those among us who endorse the horrors below, or find it to be “a lesser a two evils”, forever wrestle with the ghosts of these men, women and children. Additionally, none of this is meant to omit the crimes of some of the opposition against Palestinians, we must also speak of their horrors. It is only to re-emphasize that the overwhelming majority of Palestinian suffering and death in Syria has been at the hands of the Syria regime. The same regime that uses our names and our cause to justify its ongoing slaughter of Syrians and of Palestinians.)


Palestinian deaths since the beginning of the Syria uprising: 3002 deaths
Breakdown of Palestinian deaths by cause:     
1) Bombardment: 1004 deaths
2) Gunfire: 652 deaths
3) Tortured to death in Syrian regime prisons: 414

 Breakdown of Palestinian deaths by gender:   
Men: Over 2600 deaths
Women: Over 400 deaths

Breakdown of Palestinian deaths by year:          
2011: 85 deaths
2012: 777 deaths
2013: 1,008 deaths
2014: 724 deaths
2015: 406 deaths (so far)

Who is to blame: there is very little room for ambiguity here. The primary culprit behind Palestinian deaths in Syria remains the Syria regime by a large margin. The only argument against this claim is one that impugns the sources (which is an act of impugning the records of the Palestinians from Syria).

Sources: Action Group for Palestinians of Syria/ Palestinian League for Human Rights-Syria (These are two Palestinian Human Rights organizations founded by Palestinians from Syria. There are other sources that mirror same conclusions but I have refrained from using them to emphasize that this information comes from the Palestinians of Syria)

The Siege of Yarmouk:

   Days since a partial siege was first imposed on Yarmouk: 993 days. Or 2 years, 8 months, 21 days
   Number of deaths caused by the siege: At least 179 deaths
   Number of Martyrs from Yarmouk: At least 1,208 (accounts for over 40% of Palestinian deaths in Syria.

Palestinian in Syrian regime prisons:

Number of documented deaths of Palestinians in Syrian regime prisons: 414 deaths
Number of known Palestinians currently detained in Syrian regime prisons: 966 detainees
Partial list of Palestinians tortured to death by Syrian regime.
(It should be noted that many Palestinians that were arrested by regime were later recognized in the so called Caesar photographs, further evidence of the mass torture and slaughter of Palestinians by the Syrian regime)

The Palestinian position on Syria outside of Syria:

Although this is a contentious issue among some Palestinian circles in the diaspora, all polls on the subject that have been conducted in the West Bank and Gaza indicates that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians oppose the Assad regime and favor its downfall. This is highlighted not only in various Pews polls but also by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

In the last poll conducted on the topic, an overwhelming 72% of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank supported the downfall of the Syrian regime.


Yarmouk Refugee Camp and the Syrian Uprising (an account by Nidal Bitari, former resident and journalist)

Testimonies of four Palestinians in Syria

Reaction (include short videos made by Palestinians of Syria, included the martyred Hassan Hassan)

-Talal Alyan
Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here.

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